Welcome to Practical Bonsai.  My name is Holly and I’m an ameature, having only dabbled in bonsai for six years or so. I’m not even a professional arborist or gardener. I’m just a regular person who likes bonsai. I started this site because I think I did everything possible to do wrong when starting bonsai. I just didn’t know any better.

When I started, I found information on bonsai was too general to be helpful (use a well aerated soil), too specific to be helpful (I got this at Weygand’s Nursery on Highland Street), or involved money, equipment or space I didn’t have (I get my soil by the truckload for a steal, put it in a sunny window, I use an automatic watering system on a timer).

I write to talk about all things bonsai. But especially to be sure people like me aren’t left out of the mix.  People who may not have lots of land, space, time, or money to put into it.  My goals is to help others avoid the problems I’ve had and find information I’ve looked for faster.

A picture of my husband and I on a trip to Japan.